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Turbo XXXII (Demo Dog)

Turbo XXXII is my SDIT and will be used as my Demo Dog during Dog Training Classes he is a super-fast learner and we are working on Titles in both AKC and UKC events. Currently, Turbo XXXII holds two titles with AKC. We hope to start working on our Rally Obedience Title and his Trick Dog Title in 2021. 

Titles: ATT (AKC Temperament Title) Turbo had to complete two different tests on November 14, 2020, to get this title and he did amazing as this was his first Dog Event and we have only been a team since September 20, 2020.

CGC (Canine Good Citizen) From ATT we started practicing and working to get our CGC which Turbo did amazing and we obtained his CGC title on December 1, 2020.

Training Update:

We are working really hard a getting our skills ready for the ring as Turbo has his first Rally Obedience Competition this May. We were unable to make it to be judge for our trick dog novice title the other night but he is really and will have it very soon. Tricks he has down and ready, Puppy Push-ups, Get in box (basket), sit in box (basket), Get on (Place- Turbo will get on a small platform with all four paws), Jump (Thur - Turbo will go thur a hoop made from pool noodles), and Touch (my back up in case of a bad day). Also coming up Turbo will have his first go at dock diving this May. I also want to get him test on his CGCA.                                                                   

Check-in for Updates on Turbo XXXII!

(Updated 5/1/2021)

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