Tedrick Journey

Updated: May 1


Today was a scary a big day for me as my new human mom Hannah came to pick me up and take me to my furever home. She introduced me to my Uncle Turbo and Aunt Sapphire come to find out she their human mom to. Then she introduced me to my two legged brothers Marquise and Jaiden. I got a little car sick so my Dad's humans help us out with a towel when we stop at my Dad's human's house were I was microchip and I was able to meet my Grandma, a Aunt and another Uncle. We finally arrived at my furever home were I met my fursister Silver she a German Shepherd and Husky mix and my fur furbrothers Buddy a Chihuahua mix and Leo he is a cat. I met my human Dad Deno he is big. It was a big day. Can not wait to share more story with you.


I slept through the night and my human mom is so proud of me. Yesterday, I played a lot and followed my human mom and brothers around very well.


It was another day of Socialization for Tedrick he got to meet a baby for the first time. After trying to clean the baby and being corrected with a "leave it" and moving him back just a little to give the baby space, he settle down next to me. Super proud of this little guy he learns fast last night he settled into his crate with less protest.


Today Tedrick started his first Obedience class with Victoria Dog Obedience other then him getting car sick he did really well in class and I am one proud Poodle Mom.


Today was a big day for Tedrick as her complete his first class with Victoria Dog Obedience Club and received his AKC STAR Puppy.

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