Royal Treatment

I take pride in ensuring that every guest that walks through the doors of Southern Royal Standard Poodles & Training gets the Royal Treatment! I will treat every guest like one of the family giving you a detailed report on their stay. All the dogs stay in my home with my family making the transition back into your home smooth. These dogs are train and board in the home setting so they can learn quickly to be the ideal pets for you in yours. As you can see from the first picture our 1st guest Dusty is not outside in some dog run with concrete floors he is in my home and was taking a nap as I work on this blog. This is why I only have three openings so each dog gets their own large crate like the one seen below to stay in while at my home. Please understand I put a lot of work into ensuring your furbaby gets the best while at Southern Royal Standard Poodles & Training. We offer more than boarding please check us out so we can help with your training needs as well at your sure to get the royal treatment.


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