Meet the Poodles

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

This is Sapphire and Turbo the newest members of the Sothern Royal Standard Poodles and Training. They are a 1 1/2 old Standard Poodles. Turbo will as started his training to become my next PTSD Service Dog while Sapphire will hopefully be our new breeding dam. Please follow along on their progress as I train them and get them ready to be Royal Ambassadors for the SR/SP name.


Turbo and Sapphire are both now sitting while waiting for their food, and to be taken out on their daily walks. They have learned the command kennel, and off. we are still luring sit and downs with a treat so we have not named those commands at this time. Both of them are completely crate trained have not had an accident in the house in three days.


I wanted to update you on Turbo and Sapphire our new Poodles at Southern Royal Standard Poodles and Training. Both of them have seen the vet and gotten a clean bill of health. On Saturday morning Turbo went with me to lead Dog Yoga and did amazingly, I am so proud of him. The Chiropractor saw them Saturday and relined their spine.

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