Less Headache Down the Road!

I want to take a minute and take to you about crate training your furbabies. These are the reason I crate training my own furbabies. One it gives them their own private space where they can feel safe and unbothered by others. Just like humans dogs need along time and this can be where they go to get it. Two dogs like wolves tend to be den animals which is why you find litters of puppies under houses and in holes. Three which is the most important reason is I live in South Texas we have hurricanes that hit here from time to time and I do not want the first time I crate my furbabies to be during the stress of running from a storm. This simple item can bring comfort to your furbaby during a crazy time. I was remind of this in 2017 when Hurricane Harvey hit near my home and we had to leave. Although we were luckier than some my home was damage and we had to live in a hotel for almost four months. The crates gave my furbabies a since of home during this very stressful time. I will share a link of the crates I use for my furbabies I really like them because I can remove the cover to keep an eye on them when I want and cover them before bed. They love there beds and I feed my dogs in their crate after their morning walk so the bowls work out grate as well and I love that I can put them in the dish washer.

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