ABC of Pet Ownership by Royal Poodles & Training

A is for Adoption! The day you bring a new furbaby into your home, this is your furbabies adoption. It the day you open your home and hearts to four paws.

B is for Behavior! This mean your furbabies are going to do thing like jump on you and pull on the leash if you allow this they will continue to do it but with training you can correct or modify these behaviors to make pet ownership more enjoyable.

C is Celebrate! Pet Ownership is great celebrate that and all it involves. Celebrate your adoption day.

D is Dental! Just like humans dental hygiene is important for our furbabies so weekly brushing of their pearly whites will keep them healthy.

E is for Ear Cleaning! If your furbabies are like my poodles ear infections maybe a common thing for you. If you clean you dogs ears twice a week it will help cut down the ear infections.

G is for Grooming! My furbabies get brushed weekly, baths vary per dog (Silver more often cause she like to roll in nasty stuff.) But at least every three weeks, hair cut depend on poodle style for Turbo and Sapphire. This like dental is a hygiene issue so needs to be dealt with as such.

H is for Heartworms! As a Dog Trainer in South Texas Heartworm is a major problem. So please please be sure to put your dog on heartworm preventative.

I is for Introducing! Your furbabies to new activities and new thing in a manner that is comfortable for furbabies. Remember it okay to take things slow. All dog have their own time line.

J is for Joints! Just like us our furbabies can have joint issues. Care for your pets joints with a supplement.

K is for Kennel! I believe every dog needs to be crate (Kennel) trainer. Here is my reason I live in South Texas and we have hurricane. It makes emergency easier on our furbabies if they are crate trained.

L is for Lyme Disease! Although I do no have to worry about Lyme Disease as I live in Town and my dogs do not go out with being protect but cedar oil.

M is for Medications! Sadly my Silver will be on medication for the rest of her life. The good news is she just has Hypothyroidism which can be controlled be medication.

N is Noise! I believe in no talk, no touch, no eye contact this is because dogs can tell everything they need to by your smell. Noise is not something you need to do to get your dog to relate to you.

O is for Overheating! Texas Heat is no joke! So please be sure to watch your dog for Overheating.

P is for Pest Prevention! Fleas and worms are the most uncommonly see pest both easily controlled with a monthly treatment to prevent them from getting the pest.

Q is for Quality of Life! To me this mean giving the dog quality time! It does not have to be hours it could be short interactive just make them great interactives.

R is for Routine! Set up a routine and stick to it because your dogs will be better behaved.

S is for Skin! If your furbabies is like my Silver hot spots happen! Shave around the area and then apply the hot spot medications.

T is for Travel! I take my dog with me everywhere but I require my dog ride in the back in a crate for the same reason kids ride in car seats. I also carry a to go bag that has towel, water bowl with water bottle, and treats. If I am going over night I can add food and extra bowl as well as meds and there travel bed.

U is for Urine! I know this is going to sound crazy but your furbabies urine can tell you a lot about their health. So keep an eye on their urine.

V is for Veteriernian! Just like with kids your dogs vet is the most important choice you are going to make.

W is for Weight! Insure your dog is always a healthy weight because 1 pound of extra weight on them is like 10 pound on us.

X is for Anxiety! I have a Chihuahua/Terrier Mix who has really bad Anxiety! Of course this is my fault as I baby him.

Y is for Your Story! Silver is my GSD/HUSKY mix she was adopted Dec 2011and train for 2 year to become my 1st service dog. Buddy is my 1 year old Chihuahua/Terrier mix who was adopted April of 2019 for a Vets office her in town. Turbo and Sapphire are my newest furbabies they are litter mates and were rescue by their breeder after their previous owner fell on bad times.

Z is for zoom though training with your pup to ensures they are a healthy happy family member.

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