Extra's Southern Lady Sapphire

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Sapphire is our first breeding Dam, she is the daughter of Pickles of A Perfect World (Dam) owned by Candance Pena and Vyke of A Perfect World (Sire) retired. 

Health Update:

We Proud to introduce Sapphire our first Breeding Dam. Her Eyes were clear although she does have Cataracts in her right but it was not link to hereditary causes. Sapphire hip and elbows were stated to look good in the x-rays by the vet but I have not got the OFA certificate yet. Her Cardiac exam went well and she was clear through echocardiogram. She has her OFA Certificate for DNA (Clear), Eyes (Clear), and Cardiac (Clear). 


As of April 15, 2021 Sapphire has come into heat. She was taken to Richmond, TX were she was courted by Chase an outside Stud between April 23 - 27. She is now living her best life as we await the day we can confirm pregnancy.

Training Update:

Sapphire knows her basic commands and we are working on getting her ready for the CGC the next time the VDOC offers it. She has also been working on some tricks as she give high fives and shake your hand. She loves to play it up for a crowd as she is my most out going poodle.

Come back for Updates on Sapphire! (Updated 5/1/2021)

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Sapphire that face.JPG
Sapphire with Mom and Brothers Turbo and